In 2009 we started building our main branch in Baghdad-Jadria and after hard work from everyone involve we finish the construction work and we started the installation of the interior decors and equipment’s and with the blissing of God we finish the work and start testing on the manufacturing of food to test the final result and what the clients will have on our restaurants with the best food and best quality that can be and in the spring of 2011 we opened our restaurant with beautiful celebration include free meals for everyone.

 The management is aiming to offer the best service with the lowest prices and keeping in mind the best quality of food that is prepared with red Iraqi meat that is prepared on the Islamic way and that is one of features that distinguish us from other restaurants in Iraq.

And we seek to offer our clients every new dish both local and global and our restaurants welcomes many private invitations and parties for our clients with custom orders that made based on requests also we offer catering outside of our restaurants in many locations and with our many food and drinks we offer original Italian ice-cream that is prepared from natural ingredients with original supplements from Italy and all of our food spices are imported from the source for us only.